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Fiscal Court Meeting Minutes

​​​​​The Fiscal Court Clerk holds the responsibility for the proper recording, publishing and archiving of minutes and agendas.  Access to the electronic version of the former meeting minutes may be obtained the link below.  These documents may also be viewed at the office of the Fiscal Court Clerk. Copies may be obtained by completing the Open Records Request Form.

Scheduled Meetings

Regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month beginning  at 5:30 p.m. and the fourth Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the 2nd floor courtroom of the courthouse, 103 S. Main Street.   Special meetings are held after proper notice is provided and these may be on different dates and/or begin at different times.  Please contact the Fiscal Court Clerk for special meeting times and dates.

Meeting Minutes

Fiscal Court Meeting Minutes prior to 2021​ 

2022-06-142022-06-14.pdf220 KB
2022-06-14 Special Meeting2022-06-14 Special Meeting.pdf208 KB
2022-05-242022-05-24.pdf346 KB
2022-05-23 Special Meeting2022-05-23 Special Meeting.pdf115 KB
2022-05-102022-05-10.pdf146 KB
2022-04-262022-04-26.pdf202 KB
2022-04-122022-04-12.pdf207 KB
2022-03-222022-03-22.pdf219 KB
2022-03-082022-03-08.pdf284 KB
2022-02-222022-02-22.pdf106 KB
2022-02-082022-02-08.pdf282 KB
2022-01-252022-01-25.pdf95 KB
2022-01-112022-01-11.pdf236 KB
2022-01-11 Special Meeting2022-01-11 Special Meeting.pdf307 KB
2021-12-222021-12-22.pdf97 KB
2021-12-142021-12-14.pdf297 KB
2021-12-14 Special Meeting2021-12-14 Special Meeting.pdf330 KB
2021-10-262021-10-26.pdf287 KB
2021-10-122021-10-12.pdf124 KB
2021-09-282021-09-28.pdf329 KB
2021-09-142021-09-14.pdf348 KB
2021-08-242021-08-24.pdf377 KB
2021-08-24 Special Meeting2021-08-24 Special Meeting.pdf36 KB
2021-08-24 Public Hearing2021-08-24 Public Hearing.pdf296 KB
2021-07-272021-07-27.pdf294 KB
2021-06-222021-06-22.pdf282 KB
2021-06-082021-06-08.pdf378 KB
2021-05-252021-05-25.pdf190 KB
2021-05-24 Special Meeting2021-05-24 Special Meeting.pdf130 KB
2021-05-18 Special Meeting2021-05-18 Special Meeting.pdf198 KB
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Contact Fiscal Court Clerk 

Melody Traugott
103 S. Main, Rm 201
Versailles, KY  40383

(859) 879-0649