2020 Primary Election Information


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kentucky's Primary Election Day was postponed to June 23, 2020 by order of Governor Beshear.   Our Governor and Michael Adams, Secretary of State, jointly created an executive order that changes the manner by which this election will be conducted.  Based upon this executive order, the State Board of Elections created emergency regulations and procedures to ensure this election will be safe, secure, and successful.  These procedures are as follows:

  • A POST CARD will be sent to all registered voters by the State Board of Election.  This post card will explain how a registered voter can receive a Primary Election Ballot at their address by US Mail.  It is very important that registered voters verify their mailing address is correct as soon as possible to ensure they receive their ballot.  A voter can verify their address is correct by going to govoteky.com, or by calling the office of the Woodford County Clerk at (859) 873-8005.


  • After the voter has cast their votes on their Mail-In Ballot that has been mailed to their specified address, the voter can RETURN THEIR BALLOT to the county clerk's office by:
    • US Mail, with a postmark of no later than June 23, 2020, using the postage-paid envelope that is included with the ballot; or
    • Dropping off their ballot in a secure Woodford County Ballot Drop-box located INSIDE the courthouse next to the Sheriff's office that is under video surveillance.

  • A registered voter who is not able to vote by mail due to a disability or not having a home address may call the Woodford County Clerk's office at (859) 873-8005 to schedule an appointment to vote in-person using personal protective equipment and practicing the social distancing guidelines per executive order beginning  June 1, 2020 through June 23, 2020.  This poll will be located in the Community Room in the basement of the Woodford County Courthouse.  Please allow these appointments to be reserved for people who do not have an address or need that appointment time to use a voting machine that is accessible for disabled voters. 

Additionally, precincts will not be open on Election Day, June 23, 2020.  The one (1) polling location in the courthouse will also be open for voters by appointment on Election Day, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Please help our community stay safe as we vote by

Mail-in Ballot in this Primary Election, June 23, 2020.