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Welcome to Woodford County

Our History

Woodford County has a rich history in the development of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Established as one of the nine counties of the Commonwealth in 1792; the original boundaries followed the Kentucky River from Mundy’s Landing, (located on Woodford County’s southern tip), north to the Ohio River and then east to the mouth of the Licking River at present day Covington. Today, encompassing more than 123,000 acres of the world’s finest agricultural land, the County boasts the largest total farm income in Kentucky -- largely due to our significant equine industry.

Business Development

While maintaining our rich equine and agribusiness tradition, we continue to welcome industrial and commercial development to the County. Approximately 11,000 jobs in Woodford County are staffed by 5,600 local residents and 5,400 commuters from outside the county. Investment with our business partners is obvious through our financial commitment to the Midway Station Industrial Park and continued reinvestment in infrastructure.

Work Ready Community

Work Ready CommunitiesEarlier this year Woodford County became 1of only 4 counties in the State to earn the designation as a Work Ready Community!

The Work Ready program provides focus for communities to agree to meet certain educational, workforce development, and collaboration goals in order to earn the certification.
This effort provided the opportunity to transform our communities economy and give Woodford County a competitive advantage in supporting our current employers as well as attracting new businesses and jobs.

Uniquely Woodford!

Woodford County logoThere is something special about Woodford County … something different … something unique. We are rooted to pride in our past, yet we lean with purpose toward our future. We treasure the environment around us and are committed to living within it respectfully. We put the care of an artisan into crafting our horses, our bourbon, our products, and our services.

And we’re not done yet. We’re coming together as we move our community toward the future recognizing that our OVERALL goal should be to maintain our uniqueness while intelligently building an economic base that can effectively sustain it.

The proposed logo I’m about to show you tells the story I’ve just shared. Just as the story has several layers, so does the logo. By design, some elements are more prominent than others – emphasizing the things about Woodford County which distinguish us from any other place in the world – the things only we can “own”, that make us unique. Other elements in the logo are more subtle, perhaps easy to miss. That is part of the romance of any good story … small yet vital elements of character you only notice up close, in a relationship marked by affection and warmth. If you would, allow me to walk you through the proposed logo, describing how it tells the story I’ve just shared.

Right away, you’ll see that the most prominent elements of the logo are a horse and a barrel. If there’s anything, which makes Woodford stand out in a world of choices, it is our beautiful horse farms, renowned distillery, and fast-emerging vineyards. You’ll notice the artistic treatment of the horse’s head and the barrel, along with the intricate script of the word “Uniquely”. This gives recognition to the vibrant creativity of our community. The earth-tone green of “Uniquely” reminds us to treasure the land and develop it wisely.

Next, consider the more business-like font of the word, “Woodford” … a font shared with the number, “1789”. As one of the oldest counties in the Commonwealth, we are proud of our history, branding it onto the barrel. Yet our county has expanded sensibly since then. Today’s Woodford is separated from the past, but has not lost sight of it. While agriculture is prominent, industry is an equally valued part of who we are. The three strands of the horse’s mane remind us of the vital roles played in our economy by agriculture, manufacturing, and services. Finally, notice how the three textual elements – “Uniquely”, “Woodford”, “1789” – ALL lean from left to right, indicating movement toward the future … a future the horse is turned to face as well.

The message is that here in Woodford County, we’re not done yet.
While honoring our past we are purposely leaning toward our future with a shared vision of tomorrow, a small town in Kentucky that provides access to the world.

UNIQUELY Woodford! Small town living you want, urban access you need!


Woodford County residents have always valued education.  Our public school system consistently ranks among the highest in the Commonwealth for student performance.

Woodford County is the home of nationally acclaimed Midway College and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, which has the state’s largest post-secondary enrollment of over 100,000 pupils. 

Political Involvement 

Politically, Woodford County residents have been active in many state government employment and leadership roles.  A Woodford County resident has served as Governor on seven different occasions, more than any other county.   Locally, the administration of the County government – consisting of the Fiscal Court and Judge/Executive, strives to be responsive to citizens’ needs while providing the highest standards of living.

Valuing tradition yet embracing new opportunities allows Woodford County to be one of the leaders in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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